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MJ Ahmed, Cybersecurity Program Manager at Zartek Global Cybersecurity & SAP Solutions, Talks About C|HFI

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I am a Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) and I have also attended training for the Certified Network Defender, Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator, EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer- .Net, EC-Council Certified Security Analyst, and experts sessions of Certified CISO.

I am always learning new skills and updating on current trends; and am very passionate about technology. I took the C|EH to get a full 360 degree understanding of threats and attacks, limitations of technology and communications and how to help organizations understand the security gaps and limitations and improve their security posture and the C|HFI to understand cyber forensic methodology, which was critical in a consulting engagement where our team responded to a insider attacks

The EC-Council courseware and training materials are top grade and an amazing learning experience.

The best part of the training what the rich crisp focused content, the virtual lab environment (iLabs) which exposed me to a lot of tools, and the underlying effect was a deeper understanding of tech vs expertise.

I have recommended EC-Council and I always look for ways to promote their awareness and training programs to address the growing skill-gap in the industry.

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