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Mithilesh Kumar, Lead Architect (Data Privacy & Security) at Avaya, Talks about the C|CISO Experience

Read what Mithilesh Kumar had to say on LinkedIn:

From the beginning of my career, I was always passionate about cybersecurity. Throughout my career, either I have been part of building security products or making sure ICT products and solutions are developed with SDLC principals. It ensured that our customers could protect their ICT infrastructure for delivering secure services. I always believe in enhancing skillset as part of self-development so that I can serve the company, community, and world in a better way.

For that, the Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) program works best to validate my newly adapted skills and capabilities. C|CISO Body of Knowledge book is always there on my desk as a companion now. EC-Council courseware for C|CISO perfectly covers topics in a well-structured way across five different domains needed for a CISO role. The instructor-led 4-day classroom training was very insightful on cybersecurity topics as we use to discuss different prospective and applicability since we had participants from various backgrounds and multiple industries. Another value addition was EC-Council provided well-structured recorded video sessions and e-book; this was particularly useful to refresh the knowledge and learning for the exam as well as day-to-day work. While all the five topics of C|CISO are important when we look from a yearly perspective, I do use Governance, Risk Management, Program Management, Secure SDLC daily.

People interested in cybersecurity should consider it as a career that requires technical, analytical, and decisive quality with lots of passion, ethics, and accountability. It is very well regarded and niche at every career level. It carries huge responsibilities around security and data privacy protection for any corporation in the ever-growing cyber risks and data breaches.

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