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Metrics for Threat Intelligence ROI

When planning for security resources, every business, either big or small, often struggle for security budget. We must accept the fact that the cybersecurity industry is overloaded but understaffed. Cyber threat analysts have to attend cascades of alerts because of the tools that cannot automate data collection by themselves. Hence, threat vectors have become confident, and persistent. The growth in cybersecurity jobs is outpacing the current workforce, and due to the widening gap, one person has to perform the job roles of many. Threat intelligence requires a process-oriented approach. The variations of risk tolerance and business processes differ use of threat intelligence. The challenge would be about the security team leveraging threat intelligence to increase ROI with the limited workforce.

Steps involved in finding the ROI of threat intelligence –

Develop key performance indicators (KPI)

Every threat intelligence program requires KPI to measure its effectiveness. To make the KPI strategy successful, you should decide on the priority of threats, and evaluate providers for their valuable information that can be mapped to each quarter. The team’s mission should also be mapped to the KPIs so that the organization shall head-forward in a single direction.

Evaluate and assess threat intelligence providers

The process of threat intelligence cannot be planned and assessed with the approach of ‘one-size-fits-all.’ The different issues to be addressed are –

  • Sources catering to the defensive tools
  • Any overlapping among threat intelligence vendors and communities
  • Complimentary threat feeds
  • Intelligence that overlaps with cyber attacks

Prioritize alerts to use the time effectively

Before adding any new technical process or device to your network, enterprises should identify new ways of leveraging existing tools effectively. The security information tool can be a perfect example where it deals with a huge number of alerts created by trillions of events. Analysts feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of threats in the absence of prioritization. Whereas, when security teams integrate threat intelligence feeds with their SIEM efficiently, analysts could jumpstart triage investigations.
Threat Intelligence

Finding skilled analysts who are qualified and experienced takes a massive effort. Above that, misuse of their time further obstructs their performance. Even though enterprises have tools to defend from smaller threats, but the analysts are involved with manual tasks rather than focusing on the bigger picture.

Fostering collaboration

Collaborating threat analysts with other team members like intelligence analysts, incident responders, incident handlers, victimology, etc. and bringing them on a platform where they can communicate. By bringing the security team on a single platform, you can foster communication among them. Similarly, it encourages threat analysts to cooperate with like-minded people outside the organization. This way new ideas and latest security trends can be learned and exchanged.

Today, cyber threats are increasingly becoming more sophisticated and innovative, often bypassing multiple detection controls by even the most mature & strong cyber security defense programs. In fact, almost 75% of cyber-attacks are going undetected and its always too late to defend and respond. Watch this exclusive webinar, where Puneet Mehta, Chief Technologist and Principal Advisor at SDG Corporation talks about “Making Threat Intelligence Actionable”

Examine threat intelligence providers

Enterprises select the intelligence providers after analyzing a few sample threats’ reports from them. But for effective evaluation, a 30-day report should be analyzed. This collection of evaluation reports helps you in analyzing –

  • The effective time for releasing the threat information.
  • Relevancy of reports in relation to industry threats and your organization.
  • The volume of data published and how far it is adaptable at the security infrastructure.
  • The threat feed helping in saving the security analyst’s time.
  • The purpose of this activity is to choose a provider that is suitable for your organization. Both parties shall try to develop a good relationship, or if not, they end up struggling for each other’s support.

Hiring Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst for better ROI

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) is designed and developed by EC-Council in collaboration with cybersecurity and threat intelligence experts. The program is method-driven, covering concepts from planning to preparing a report to disseminate threat intelligence. Professionals who go for Cyber Threat Intelligence Training are skilled to collect and analyse threat data to predict threats and vulnerabilities. Having a C|TIA in your team of cybersecurity, your organization will be equipped in handling and defending threats. A Threat Intelligence Certification holder will be able to drive a threat intelligence program based on evidential knowledge and also recommend actionable advice on existing and unknown threats. A threat intelligence analyst equips your team with predictive capabilities instead of referring to the measures that are beyond the team’s mechanism.


Q1. Who needs threat intelligence?
A. Security is not a vertical market issue, and it implies to all levels. Different industries like healthcare, media, energy, entertainment, etc. are affected with cyberattacks, and hence, they are in dire need of threat intelligence. Learn more:
Q2. Why threat intelligence analysts are crucial?
A. The cybersecurity industry has a decent demand for Certified Threat Intelligence Analysts as they are well prepared to deal with the complexity of malware attacks and prevent organizations from falling victim to unforeseen consequences.
Q3. How to prepare for CTIA exam?
A. A professional-level cyber intelligence analyst is in demand by organizations to extract the intelligence from data by implementing various advanced strategies. Here are the tips to prepare for your C|TIA exam:
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