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Md. Azizur Rahman, Application Security Manager at Augmedix, Talks about the L|PT master Program

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Read what Azizur Rahman had to say on LinkedIn:

Three years after I started my career as a developer, I switched to software testing. As this domain was entirely new to me, and cyber security was booming as an industry, I decided to learn penetration testing. I gained desired knowledge of penetration testing with the help of training and credentialing programs. For that, I took up the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) program, then deepened my knowledge and skills with the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA). I found ECSA as a practical-oriented and a hands-on program. To validate my technical skills, I successfully attained the L|PT (Master) credential. Both C|EH and ECSA offered me well-researched training material. These programs are apt for those who are looking for self-paced training; they impart on-point knowledge.

The experience I have gained with these training programs is exceptional! All my learnings pay off every day at my workplace. I would suggest that all beginners in the CyberSec industry “stay hungry” to acquire more knowledge. Moreover, for career advancement, rely on industry-recognized credentials like the ones by EC-Council.

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