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Mauro Bollini, Security Engineer & Penetration Tester, Talks about the LPT Master Program

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I have been passionate about cybersecurity for 25 years, and in 2015, given the great demand of CyberSec professionals, I decided to turn my passion into a career. CyberSec certifications, my passion and experience were the key factors to lead me to this designation ‘Security Engineer and Penetration Tester.’ The desire to constantly improve my skills and the high quality of EC-Council certifications were the reasons that inspired me to attain the Licensed Penetration Tester (L|PT) Master credential. The EC-Council provided courseware was great! It helped me to improve my skills and to learn new, very useful, and technical tricks. As a professional pen-tester, I use A LOT of pivoting tools and techniques, and the major credit goes to the L|PT (Master) credential, which helped me a lot to improve my pivoting skills.

My advice to aspirants in CyberSec, “Just do it!” Start from the basic cybersecurity training programs – most probably EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) and then move up without rushing. With that, try to practice as much as possible using real-time virtual labs like EC-Council iLabs.


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