Mark Potter Talks About the C|CISO

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Read what Mark Potter had to say on https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/how-to-get-a-c-or-ciso-certification-a-c-or-ciso-study-and-exam-guide-guurhart

The course material was interesting and the instructor who delivered the class really knew his content as well as relevant current news. One of the biggest perks in attending the official class is that you’re likely to meet some really great people. I’ve stayed in touch with many and see some from time to time at conferences. The official study guide is easy to digest. I took this exam after the CISM and the ISSMP concentration and found it to be the easiest out of the three. That doesn’t mean the content covered wasn’t valuable, I just didn’t have to study as long to cover the body of knowledge. A nice perk of competing your CCISO certification is that members in good standing are able to register for one of the EC-Council CISO events for free every year. Global CISO Forum (Atlanta) attendees are also free to check out Hacker Halted track sessions if they wish to take a break from the CISO-related content.

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