Hacker Halted 2018

Marcus Burkert Talks About the Hacker Halted Academy by EC-Council – Above and Beyond What You Would Expect!

For me, EC-Council and especially the HackerHalted is a great place where Hacker, Security Professionals and C- and D- Level Executives meet, talk and exchange. I always try to reserve 2 weeks for this great EC-Council event every year.

During the first week, I usually join the HackerHalted Academy by attending one of the onside training courses. Then I usually stay an additional week, to visit also the HackerHalted conferences because this is, where a lot of great conversations and discussions take place.

The best part of the EC-Council training is certainly the trainers themselves because they all have a lot of real hands-on-experience. But another very important aspect for me is, that I am always meeting a lot of very interesting people from all around the world. So, the training is definitely hard work, but we always have a lot of fun during and after the class.

I started with the CEH / ECSA and LPT end of 2010 and joined the HackerHalted for the first time in 2011. I still remember the time, where HackerHalted took place in Miami and where I met my great friend Amar Singh for the very first time. We kept in touch and today, after more than 7 years, we are great friends.

After 7 years with EC-Council, I have achieved my CEH, ECSA, LPT, and CHFI as well as my CCISO certifications. I keep my knowledge constantly up-to-date, by joining one of the onside training every year.

EC-Council and the support of my great friend Amar Singh (CEO and founder of the Cyber Management Alliance) have helped me become a trusted security professional and CEO Wingman. I am happy to support my clients on the adventures journey of cyber defense / cyber security and I know, that I also get always supported by the EC-Council community and Amar.

Eric (our trainer), and the students at the class – simply everything, was amazing. But my absolute favorite this year was our class security mascot – he really toped everything!!!

I can only strongly recommend EC-Council training programs. The courseware really provides a fantastic foundation. I always take the opportunity to take an onside class at the HackerHalted Academy during HackerHalted, because we always have great conversations and a very valuable exchange of information and ideas during and after class between the students and the trainers.

Read more about what Marcus had to say on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/hacker-halted-academy-ec-council-above-beyond-what-you-burkert/

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