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Manoj Kumar, IT Security and Risk Officer at Wael Pharmacy says “Choose EC-Council for Continuous Professional Growth in Cybersecurity”

Read what Manoj Kumar had to say on LinkedIn:

I started my career as a network/server administrator. Still, cybersecurity always intrigued me as the threats and vulnerabilities grew, so did the opportunities to protect the systems and conduct business in a much more efficient and compliant manner. It was in 2012 when I got fully involved in cybersecurity because of its continuous growth. As cybersecurity spending will remain at 12 to 15 percent growth and continue to outpace most other tech sectors, so I thought of moving into this industry. I reached my current professional status with a constant quest for knowledge by going through globally acclaimed training programs. Especially, EC-council credentials helped me shape my career. They offered me a deeper understanding of the topics along with the training which I could use in my day to day task as an IT Security professional.

Why do you need credentials?

  • I believe obtaining credentials give confidence and boost interest in the certifying domain. Credentials establish the professional as a continuous learner, and in today’s world, employers do value professionals who never want to stop learning.
  • Credentials also plug you into various communities and charters, which is a great confidence booster, helps you brainstorm and discuss various ideas and solutions with people of different types of experiences.

That’s what attracted me towards the Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO).

My Experience with EC-Council!

My journey with EC-Council started in 2016 and has been very smooth and pleasant so far. Its courseware and training material helped me to explore areas that were unknown to me, such as Linux, DLP, data classification, and so on. The EC-Council training programs have been tailored by the professionals who give their insights into effective cybersecurity management. The C|CISO program, for example, has greatly helped me understand the laws which enabled me to be compliant with the current cybersecurity practices/trends prevalent in the current environment. It also taught me to be more alert and responsible towards the environment I am working in. While its Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) assisted me in getting familiar with Kali Linux, Nmap, Metasploit, and many other tools in a much more efficient way. Being a former Windows Platform Administrator, these tools were unknown to me, but thanks to EC-Council, I learned to use these tools in a much more effective and controlled manner.

To CyberSec Aspirants

Cybersecurity freshers should focus on attaining relevant credentials with the help of significant skills. That’s because many more jobs are available to IT that are often more easily accessible than cybersecurity jobs. A career in cybersecurity means you’re capable of everything a traditional IT person is capable of, and more. You’re defending against IT and programming mistakes and using all of your IT skills to push back the bad guys. This industry requires a lot of patience and continuous learning, which in return, will give you strong insights as to where to go next.

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