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Majed Alshodari – Head of Information Security Department at Jabal Omar Development Co., Eng. Majed Alshodari, Talks About Joining the Elite (C|CISO)

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With over 18 years of international professional experience at both the senior management and technical hands-on in different industries such as refinery, Oil & Gas, contracting, banking, supply chain, real-estate, construction, automotive, investment services, and many more, I thought that perhaps the next big step for me would be reflecting my experience and knowledge in-mind through the C|CISO Body of Knowledge and by becoming a Certified Chief Information Security Officer.

The contents of the course, specifically the mapping of the five domains are very relevant in real-life situations. The time spent on the course is worth every second, as the instructors have vast knowledge about the subjects, with rich workshops/discussions with other audiences on what kind of challenges the CISO could face in the executive line especially with the new era of Digital Transformation and Business reshuffling.

I must admit that I was extremely proud to receive my C|CISO credentials, especially since the C|CISO is a very empowering certification in the information security industry, which should give me the strategical tactical and business thinking to support my employer and ultimately Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030”

I recommend this course to other Chief Information Security Officers who would like to learn how to bridge the gap between the technology sector and management with business scene securely.

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