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Lyubomir Tulev, Chief Cyber Security Operations Lead at AMATAS, Talks about the C|CISO Program

Read what Lyubomir Tulev had to say on LinkedIn:

EC-Council’s Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO): Choose on Reaching the Career Threshold

I never thought of dealing with cybersecurity professionally. Everything started back in 2010 when I have graduated as a bachelor from Bulgarian National Police Academy. Being the best cadet out of 100 in the class, I have been invited to start working as a police officer within the National Cybercrime Department of Bulgaria. Two years later, I was the Team Leader of my group, which was dealing with illegal content on the internet, including child sexual exploitation, hacking forums and groups, card frauds, etc., both on the national and international levels. I have been invited by the FBI to join their International Task Force Group on cybercrimes back in 2015. I have been providing regular speeches and training at Interpol, Europol, and FBI summits. I have also become a contact point for law enforcement collaboration with Facebook and Google for Bulgaria. And at some point, in 2017, I realized I had reached this level in my career where I need to expand my knowledge furthermore. This was the moment when I met a friend of mine who has been inspiring for a long time. He advised me if I am looking for new opportunities and if I have reached the limit of what I have been doing for over seven years, then I should try something very close to the business that I had in the Cybercrime Department. I’ve started looking for such opportunities and got involved with cybersecurity as a career.

My Association with EC-Council:

I initially started with EC-Council’s Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (C|HFI) program because it was closest to what I have done in my 7-year career – gathering, preserving, transporting, and analyzing, the cybercrimes evidence. So, I dived in, and here I am, just two years later, I am now certified not only with C|HFI, but also as Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), and Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO).

My Experience with EC-Council Training and Credentialing Programs:

All the certifications I had with EC-Council so far, I feel delighted about their courseware material. All of them are a step-by-step guide containing very detailed knowledge of different subject matters. The training content was brilliantly designed, explaining each topic, providing updated approaches and tactics to handle specific problems. The iLabs real-time virtual environment is just another fantastic way to test what you have learned. All of this distinguish EC-Council’s programs from any other vendors. My learnings from all these training programs helped me to grow as a CyberSec professional. In fact, all of them covered practically applicable topics only.

As for advice to anybody who is giving a second thought in considering cybersecurity as a career option – I will say – dive in. Dedicate as much time as you can to learn the different aspects of this career path. Try multiple cybersecurity-related positions and activities. That is why I was interested in so many different EC-Council credentialing programs – from forensics (C|HFI), ethical hacking (C|EH & ECSA) to management (C|CISO).

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