L|PT (Master): Is it Really the Most Advanced Pen Testing Exam?

Are you a dedicated penetration (or pen) tester with a perpetual aspiration to hop through various ranks? Or a professional with an urge to learn more about penetration testing? In both cases, it is important that you establish yourself as a credible pen tester, which is achievable, only if you can prove that you have advanced knowledge of pen testing. But, how do you make it evident that you possess evolving pen testing knowledge and skills that can help you to outshine others in the crowd? To fulfill your ambitious professional dreams, your one-stop shop should be the Licensed Penetration Tester (L|PT) Master. But why? The basic answer would be because it is “the most advanced pen testing exam.” While this is true, this is also a basic answer; now, let’s uncover the real reasons that make the L|PT (Master) what it claims to be—the most advanced penetration testing exam.

Why the L|PT (Master) is the Most Advanced Pen Testing Exam?

Before we dive deeper into this section, let’s begin with what the L|PT (Master) is.

L|PT (Master) is a highly praised exam, challenging InfoSec professionals to display their skills and prove their worth as a credible pen tester. It is offered by, EC-Council, the world’s leading cybersecurity credentialing body committed to empowering cybersecurity professionals with advanced knowledge and skills of their domain. It is one of a kind when considering the broad coverage of penetration testing skills, among other advantages:

1. It Makes You Demonstrate Your Expertise

The exam is strictly designed for professionals with a vast amount of knowledge of penetration testing. It efficiently reflects the real-life security domains of an enterprise with various network segments, firewalls, access control policies, certain layers of security controls, and everything that makes an enterprise network secure. The exam will make you go through all five phases of penetration testing: reconnaissance, scanning, enumeration, gaining access, and exploiting identified vulnerabilities. These challenges will only be solved by a true professional with abundant technical skills and real hands-on experience.

2. Designed by the Best Minds of the Industry

All the scenarios included in the L|PT (Master) exam are the outcomes of the real-life experiences of the experts. Subject-matter experts came together to build an exam that can make you display all the industry-demanded technical and soft skills. Your pen testing capabilities will undergo multiple layers of challenges to prove that they are in sync and ready to fight against the real-time advanced cyber threats.

3. It Follows Industry-standard Methodologies

Any candidate undergoing the L|PT (Master) exam will notice that the methodology used in it is a blend of many other open-source methodologies, which include PTES, NIST800-115, PCI DSS, ISSAF, OSSTMM, and several others. All these methodologies focus on L|PT (Master) being an exam, which imparts comprehensive coverage of pen testing only. The exam will challenge you to dig deeper into the technicalities of penetration testing.

4. It Is a Progressive Three-level Challenge

Several studies supported the fact that progressive assessment patterns yield better results than traditional assessment patterns. That’s why L|PT (Master) has come up with a three-level progressive challenge that makes you face offensive and defensive problems replicating real-life scenarios. With each challenge, your test to overcome the hurdles will become more difficult.


Progressive Three-level Challenge


5. It Is on a Continuously Ticking Constraint

Every professional understands the importance of delivering a project within the given deadline. The L|PT (Master) ensures the same for you. In the physical world, it becomes significant that you identify and deal with the challenge at hand with all your efforts and skills but as quickly as possible. This time-bound challenge will certainly influence your working capability. It could either favor you or bring invalid results. Keeping time as a constraint shows the determination of the credential holder of the L|PT (Master) to be able to work under stressful conditions.

6. It Is a Remotely Proctored Exam

This is the first-ever remotely proctored, online penetration testing exam. Professionals will be solving challenges in a remotely controlled environment. There will be no external factors influencing the problem-solving capability of the participants. This attribute of the L|PT (Master) ensures that the credibility of the exam remains intact.

7. Tests Your Traditional Reporting Writing Skills

Report writing is the inevitable part of a pen tester’s roles and responsibilities. Strong communication and writing skills are two of the most important skills that every pen tester should have. To ensure that the professional is well-versed in report writing, the L|PT (Master) made it mandatory for the participant to submit a report at the end of each challenge. This leaves no room to doubt the skills of the credential holder. The exam is the most advanced and progressive one, but it also ensures that the professional possesses the required soft skills to perform traditional job responsibilities of a pen tester.

The L|PT Master is associated with widespread industrial recognition. Not only that, it is globally accepted by the leaders of the industry. With remote proctoring, progressive assessment patterns, and the real-life challenges, the exam tests you in every possible way to bring the best out of you. And that’s what makes L|PT (Master) the most advanced pen testing exam, ever.


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