Lee Williamson, Senior Technical Consultant at Skanco Business Systems Limited, Talks About the C|ND

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I recently had a great experience while attaining my Certified Network Defender (C|ND) credential from @EC-Council.

The program provided me with an extensive training content of about 1200 pages (excluding the lab manual). The program was very well structured and is completely vendor neutral.

I opted for the accelerated learning of the program from Firebrand in the UK. Our instructor Dave Petts was highly knowledgeable and his insights on the subjects were commendable. The combination of a professional trainer with comprehensive training material helped me in furthering my knowledge about network security.

Anyone wanting to learn how to defend networks from cyberattacks should take a look at the EC-Council’s C|ND program. As it is vendor neutral, you do not need to know the intricacies of specific products, but you can definitely use your acquired knowledge at your workplace.

One of the benefits of the program is that it is accredited by the United States’ Department of Defense (DoD). It is also NICE compliant which makes it a very good qualification to have.

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