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Lamont Raysor, CYBER SECURITY SME at MAG Aerospace, Talks about the C|CISO Program

Read what Lamont Raysor had to say on LinkedIn:

I got involved in cybersecurity when I joined the US Navy as a Security Engineer. I believe learning the NIST 800-53 and the DoD RMF process has led me to become ‘Cybersecurity SME.’ I always loved EC-Council boot camps; that’s why I enrolled in its Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH). The impressive learning experience made me go for another program, the Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO), which is helping me to prepare myself for becoming a CISO. With such interesting courseware and training material, I would recommend every IT security professional to opt for C|CISO. I guarantee you will gain a lot of knowledge from this training program. During my C|CISO training, all the attendees unanimously created a chat room so that we can communicate with each other in case we are stuck on a problem at work. I really loved the interactive environment of this training.

Being the beginner of the CyberSec industry, you should start by figuring out what side of the house you want to get into – Information Assurance, Network Analyst, or any other. Once you figure that out, then go with the required training program. For instance, • to become a penetration tester – go with EC-Council Certified Security Analyst.


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