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Krisztian Perger, Project Engineer at GE Oil & Gas, Talks About the C|EH

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Read what Krisztian Perger had to say on LinkedIn:

During my daily work as a project engineer, I have to design industrial network sections and implement firewall setting according to several requirements like IEC 62443. So I decided to improve my skills in the field of cybersecurity. The Certified Ethical Hacker is just the first milestone in my learning path and I am positive that is a strong fundamental to my career.
During the training, the presenter focused on the technical details and the practicals, as the spectrum of topics is really wide. The training materials are well scheduled with each chapter having its own specialty, but if I should choose then I would say that the WiFi hacking workshop was the most interesting part of the whole training!
I now look forward to attaining my credential in the same and more from EC-Council!

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