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Krishna Rathi, Certified Ethical Hacker, talks about how C|EH program has changed his life

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During my school days, my Facebook account was accessed by some unauthorised person. It was 2011 when the world of cybersecurity fascinated me. Later while pursuing the Chartered Accountancy course, I understood the importance of IT infrastructure and forecasted the need for advanced tools in auditing. To be able to coordinate and connect the dots of Finance and World of Information technology, I got involved with cybersecurity, and since then, updating myself with the latest trends.

How did I land up in cybersecurity?

My efforts were always directed in creating a unique combination, pursuing one of the most prestigious courses like Chartered Accountancy in India and attaining a valuable cybersecurity credential like EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker. Striving to balance both and getting them on a similar platform to create cybersecurity literacy in the financial sector has helped me to achieve my current professional status. I opted for C|EH out of all the other available certifications because of its well-established brand. Also, being one of the youngest ethical hackers in the country at the age of 19 at that time, the name ‘Certified Ethical Hacker’ allured me the most! In my experience, the training material of C|EH matched the industry standards, covering in-depth as well as updated information. The lucid language and illustrations were perfect for any beginner to understand the technicalities of the domain in a better manner. I still have that training material and refer to it when needed. This training also helped me to get familiar with penetration testing and session hijacking.

A word for young minds! Our country is rapidly changing at a steady pace in IT infrastructure in all fields. Cybersecurity is the next best need. One must take up a credible program and enrich their knowledge to serve the best interests of the country. It’s a niche market, and a professional with expert knowledge of cybersecurity is nothing less than a ‘cherry on top.’

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