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Kevin Nelson M., Technical Support Help Desk at Teleperformance Canada, Talks About the C|EH

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I definitely had a blast going through the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) courseware and training material. The training material goes straight to the point and it allowed me to easily understand complex notions.

My favorite part of the training was when, in the course, we were given the opportunity to build our own botnets in order to launch a DDOS attack. All that was for us to clearly understand the difference between a DOS and DDOS attack and I really enjoyed doing that.

I would even say that the course in itself exceeded my expectations. I very satisfied with what I’ve learned. The course trains you on applying ethical hacking measures and how to think like a hacker and that’s amazing.

I definitely recommend EC-Council courses to others because EC-Council’s studying materials such as the iLabs platform, allows to apply everything you learn through the lecture and also, EC-Council’s assigned instructors are very knowledgeable, and they share their experience in the field with you so that it’s easier to view cybersecurity from a different perspective.

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