Certified Ethical Hacker

Keshav Kumar, CEO of Code Genesis, Talks about the C|EH Program

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Conferring my endeavour of amelioration of self in CyberSec, as I take a decisive stride under directive guidance of EC-Council:

My peers introduced me to cybersecurity as a career. It got me curious, and that’s how I landed up attaining the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) credential. I got impressed with the C|EH v10 as it covers a lot of tools and theory. It is also a highly respected and relevant credentialing program in the domain. The program came with helpful courseware. It was not only useful for acing the C|EH exam but for my academics too. I’m delighted that this training introduced me to Nmap and Zenmap, the ones that I use every day. These are my go-to tools.

Being a beginner, I can tell that I started from the basics. I worked on my networking skills first. I backed up my learning with practice and then jumped to powerful tools like Metasploit with advanced training programs like C|EH. I feel every clueless CyberSec beginner should follow the same.


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