Kamran Mohsin, Penetration Testing Engineer at Trillium, Gives His Feedback on the Certified Ethical Hacker

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The Certified Ethical Hacker helped me start my career in the field of information security. C|EH enhanced a huge amount of information that I had prior to this certification, making the enumeration and exploitation phases clear, explaining the countermeasures of various cyber-attacks that are happening on daily basis in the world.

Learning malware threats was a new and interesting part of my training that thoroughly explained the deep concepts beyond the basic knowledge. It was an amazing experience to create and defend yourself against malware attacks in the practical lab. It taught me to see beyond the box for any vulnerabilities that could exist.

It was an incredible experience with a World’s known certification body and I feel proud to be a Certified Ethical Hacker. EC-Council provided a well-structured course with bundles of information packed into separate modules that helped me to learn and practice the labs in a simulated environment.

I would like to recommend C|EH credential and training program to all who are doing their best to get into cybersecurity. This certification will help them understand all the concepts of information security and will also help them to move ahead in the future.

EC Council courseware encompassed all that is required for the certification while meeting the requirements for the job of an ethical hacker. It also paves the foundations for further studies in the field. As there are a plethora of tools for various purposes, people get confused as to which tools need to be used and where. The course material presented me with extensive lists of such tools and applications so that I don’t get lost in a google search.

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