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Kalyan Chakravarthy, Information Security Analyst at Visa – My First Choice? EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)

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After extensive googling and research, I was convinced that C|EH was the best way to go among other certifications. This turned out to be a boon since C|EH gave me a complete understanding of the technical details involved in the industry.

As a person interested in security industry and wet behind the ears, I found #CEHv9 to be very helpful in making me understand different concepts involved at the basic level.

Right now, I find myself giving advice to my friends to start with C|EH to understand the overall picture of cyber security. After C|EH, I felt empty and was hungry to learn more. As per research, the next logical step was to go for OSCP if I wanted to be a pen tester or a security researcher. At that point, my friend suggested ECSA and LPT. I was hesitant due my lack of practical knowledge but the material was well built and the labs were very helpful. My experience with EC-Council coursework and training material was pretty good. It was quite extensive and I learnt practical skills to attack and defend a network through the hands-on training.

I am satisfied with the material and learning I gained from C|EH and ECSA. I will have to say C|EH learning material and lab in ECSA were the best parts of the training. I would recommend anyone to start with C|EH if you are a complete beginner and need to learn the basics and get an overall idea on what the security industry has to offer.

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