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Joseph Yeboah, IBM Ambassador-KNUST, Talks About the C|EH

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I am proud of myself, perseverance and hard work pays! I have gathered quite a number of certification during my undergraduate program spanning from Cyber to software development industry which I proudly display on my profiles. People keep saying; “certification is best after school, you can’t combine your degree stress with certification.” But I have defied all odds! I worked, I studied and certified all within my 4-year undergraduate program. It wasn’t easy, but trust me, it builds character!. In less than a month after certifying under EC-Council CEH, I have been approached by multiple organization to aid in different tasks. I currently support as a Software analyst within the banking sector and I haven’t graduated yet!

People say there are no jobs in Africa? There are! You just need to build character and invest in yourself! Don’t give up! work hard! This goes to all students, you may not be able to afford certification during school, but you need to be smart, put value into your studies and give Certification bodies no choice but to offer you what you need because they see potential!

To all my LinkedIn and Facebook friends and mentors, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without your advice and support!

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