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José Sequeira Martins, Founder & GM at SCORPIONSHIELD Talks about his Cybersecurity journey with EC-Council Role

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I’ve started my journey in programming in the early 80’s when my parents offered me my first Sinclair QL and organized my first games. In the 90’s, at university, I’ve started my amateur hacking journey along the computer science degree. Much later, I was responsible for all the software in a major company in my country, including its security aspect.

My association with the EC-Council was a natural move for something that interested me for so long, and of course, because its training programs have great updated content and very well organized.

EC-Council’s reputation and earned respect within the InfoSec industry and community, and the power of the badge impressed me, both professionally and personally. At the end of each training program, you’ll realize that you learned a lot. And the badge is the professional recognition of your skills, ensuring that the cyber-security industry gets your worth. Linkedin plays an important role nowadays because every badge is there. It professionally differentiates you.

I was overwhelmed with EC-Council training material because it’s complete, updated, and very detailed. Also, its real-time labs offered hands-on experience and were very helpful. It imitated real scenarios and prepared me against the challenges of the physical world. Also, I loved the fact that the training included information security leadership.

We live in a world today, where the most powerful and valuable commodity is INFORMATION — knowing: how to gain access to it, how to secure it, and how to use it. My number one advice for all cyber-security beginners is, you have to be in love with data. The rest is “easy.” You just have to go to the nearest ATC (Accredited Training Center) of the EC-Council and start over with C|EH, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (C|HFI), or if you want to lead CISO team, go with Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO).

Today I am an ATC (Accredited Training Center) Manager of the EC-COUNCIL, and Scorpionshield is a Cyber-security Training Provider in Portugal, Home Country, whereas I would love to play an important part on the Cyber-sovereignty and Cyber-safety.

José Sequeira Martins

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