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Joppe Linneman, Graduation Project at Cloudteq Online Werken BV, Talks About the C|EH Training Program

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Read what Joppe had to say on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6455406162941603840/

C|EH was a part of the default curriculum at my university and I am really happy that I had this opportunity because C|EH is an outstanding certificate to have. I did the training as a part of the university program of 10 weeks. In these 10 weeks I worked through the official C|EH book and also engaged in practical real life simulations.

We went through 2 modules each week and finished with a self-made practice test. The best part of the training was the practical training parts like gaining entrance to a compromised system for the first time and working with social engineering. I am satisfied with the results and the overall learning path that the university offered.

It is a really good course to follow for anyone who is working with/in the current IT security domain, this is because you will learn how a ‘hacker’ works and how to counter this.

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