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John Russell, Server Engineer at AGJ Systems and Networks, Talks about the C|EH

Read what John Russell had to say on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6572606498961182721/

Back in my college days, a professor mentioned BackTrack. At that time, I loved trying new Linux distributions. So, I decided to install it and play around with the tools. When I heard about the C|EH for the first time I knew I wanted to get it. The program is ANSI accredited, and DoD recognized it as one of the baseline programs for all Information Assurance (IA) positions.

My experience with the training material and courseware was fairly positive. With this training, I learned to use various essential tools, like Nmap and Wireshark. They are incredibly powerful and provide a vast amount of information for different use cases. I loved the way C|EH covered Policies and Procedures. These are the foundation for cyber security for an organization. Without them, everything falls apart eventually. My advice for anyone interested in cybersecurity is this: try harder, learn to read at least one programming language, participate in CTF events, don’t give up, keep practicing and learning, and eventually, you will learn more than you thought you ever would.

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