Joel Johnson Talks About Becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)

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The course-ware and training material of the Certified Ethical Hacker, was comprehensive and catered to my needs. The material introduced me to a topic in a simple way and then progressed gradually to grasp the overall content. The lab tutorials are a great companion to the courseware which helps get a hands-on experience right after you learn a topic. The topics are covered in detail, which I feel you won’t find in any other place. So, on the whole, my experience with the material was enriching and acted as a guide to achieve my C|EH goal.

The best part of the training was when I could perform and implement the knowledge I gained. Right from creating my own labs to trying out the various applications and tools in the virtual environment, which gave a prospective on how things happen in the real world.
This program helped me to actually understand topics which I had only little knowledge. I would say that my level of command over the security topics increased because of the C|EH and I am now looking forward to getting the ECSA soon.

I definitely recommend EC-Council to anyone out there. I already recommended it to many of my friends and colleagues as I feel this is the best way to start your journey in information security and advance. Attaining a credential from EC-Council makes you stand out of the crowd and holds great value in the industry. It played a vital role in developing my knowledge and helped me get into the industry with ease. EC-Council is a global standard and one can shine with the certification it provides.

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