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Joe Burns, Co-Founder and CEO of Reformed IT Limited, Talks about the EC-Council C|EH exam

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I got into cybersecurity, 16 years ago, when I worked for one of the largest motor dealership groups in the UK. I was working within the IT department and found security and threats fascinating, so I started to learn more about the risks to businesses and how people exploit these risks. I have been doing a lot of public speaking on the topic of cybersecurity and I always saw EC-Council and the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) program as the gold standard for demonstrating cybersecurity expertise. I wanted to make sure I had the right credentials to back up my skills. The EC-Council courseware is intensive and comprehensive. In the classroom training, I did with Firebrand, there was a mix of skills and experience in the room, but C|EH really demonstrates skill and experience in ethical hacking. It would be better to have some experience of cybersecurity before enrolling for the training. Because I had the required experience, I found the training material at the right level to develop and advance skills. The skills that I developed through this training can be put to use immediately. Well, because I provide security awareness training, I do use social engineering demonstrations on a regular basis. For ethical hacking projects, I think the most significant tool is the Social Engineering Toolkit within Kali. Also, I use Nmap every day.

Whilst I was on the week long training with Firebrand, I also had a couple of chances to teach the class some of my own personal experience exploiting vulnerabilities such as demonstrating a 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) bypass technique using session hijacking.

I am now considering the path to become an EC-Council instructor as I really enjoyed my part in helping to teach the class the subject.

My advice for anyone looking to get into cybersecurity as a career would be to learn skills across multiple cybersecurity domains first. In order to maximize your learning during the C|EH training, you will need to have a relatively good grasp on subjects like networking, web applications, SQL, Linux, Windows Server, desktop operating systems, firewalls, and many others.


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