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Israel Effiong, CyberSecurity Enthusiast at Concept Nova, Talks about EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) Cybersecurity Career Path

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My involvement with CyberSecurity started when a Financial Technology company I was once involved with was attacked with ransomware, affecting almost all the servers hosted in the cloud. I realized at the moment that there’s a whole world of knowledge out there that I wasn’t even aware of.

So when I was sure I wanted to get involved in CyberSecurity, I knew EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification course was the right place for me to go, and I wasn’t disappointed. The certification course has always been known throughout the industry to provide guidance and tools needed to match the bad guys (black hats). My experience with the CEH courseware and training material was enlightening! It offers enough content that can last for a lifetime. It offers a whole world of knowledge. The intriguing thing about the courseware was how well and easy it was to comprehend it. Every topic was broken down in detail such that a beginner could easily pick it up and understand it. It was also of great help to me while studying and preparing for the highly-acclaimed CEH exam. The course also introduced me to some of the best tools and topics – Nmap and Enumeration.

A word of advice for beginners: Go easy, don’t assume you know the fundamentals, and jump for the big one. Pick the right career path through EC-Council’s curriculum that will help you grow in your career and always keep on learning, don’t assume you know it all.

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