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5 Top Reasons Why Blockchain Certification Is the Key to Your Success

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While blockchain technology was invented in 2009, it has only gained momentum over the past few years. Therefore, blockchain technology is relatively new in terms of application, and fewer professionals are working on blockchain at full expertise. Organizations from various industries are looking to hire blockchain professionals, which indicates the limitless possibilities of a blockchain certification.

Even with all these encouraging signs, you might have lingering questions about whether a certificate will provide you with the job-ready skills to secure a position at a reputed organization and solve real-world problems or not. This blog will serve as your guide to blockchain and dispel any lingering doubts you may have about getting certified in this fast-growing sector.

How to Kick-Start Your Career in Blockchain

Let’s start with the basics. A blockchain is well-structured distributed ledger technology that stores information in a block and distributes it through a network chain. Opting for a decentralized approach means that it is managed by multiple participants, and no single individual has complete power over the transactions. With blockchain technology coming to light only recently, there aren’t any measures to determine the advantages and disadvantages of taking a blockchain course online other than the prospect of career benefits and salaries.

Suppose you are looking to kick-start your career in blockchain technology to become a blockchain professional. In that case, you must evaluate the value of blockchain certifications by looking through their course modules, industry-based case studies, and real-world implementation of your developed skills. If you’re an organization looking to provide blockchain certifications for your employees, you should ensure that it adds value to your business and is worth spending your time and money.

Why Are Organizations Leaning Towards Blockchain Technology?

Organizations have been expressing a high demand for hiring blockchain professionals to benefit their business. Below are a few reasons why organizations are opting to implement blockchain technology:

  1. Decentralized approach: The decentralized nature of blockchain technology mitigates a middleman’s needs in processes such as payments. It transfers the power over control of transactions and decision-making from a single entity (individual or group) to a distributed network. This ensures a trusted environment and avoids reliance on specific entities.
  2. Transparency: The transaction carried out in blockchain technology is available for all individuals to view, thus maintaining data integrity. The participants can access their transactions through block explorers and view the respective contents in the block.
  3. Security: Each new record in blockchain technology is encrypted and linked to the previous record, creating a chain. The blockchain transactions are immutable and incorruptible, meaning other parties cannot modify or delete any records. The records are secured using cryptography, and each participant is provided with a personal private key to access their transactions.
  4. Traceability: After every trade of records, an audit trail is present to keep track of the path. This improves security and prevents fraud among the transactions. It also helps verify the authenticity of transactions and makes sure they are not altered at any point.
  5. A wide array of jobs: There are a lot of profiles available for blockchain professionals such as blockchain developers, blockchain web designers, blockchain architects, smart contract developers, cryptocurrency developers, etc.

What Is Blockchain Certification?

A certification for blockchain is concrete proof that showcases one’s understanding and skills of what is blockchain technology and helps employers to understand the individual’s reach in the field. Also, is essential to depict the market value of certification before pursuing it.

The best blockchain certification is the one that covers all fundamentals and advanced concepts of blockchain technology such as types of blockchain, cryptography, blockchain forking, cryptocurrencies, distributed ledgers, smart contracts, and more. It should enable you to build highly secure and decentralized applications using Ethereum, Hyperledger, and other technologies. The certification should provide industry-based case studies to help individuals understand real-world problems and find solutions to them. A blockchain certification should also offer hands-on training on various projects to enhance practical skills. Lastly, there should also be assessment measures for individuals to take and keep up with their progress in the certification course.

Why Is Blockchain Certification Worth It?

Apart from developing the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the blockchain technology world, there are other benefits of pursuing a blockchain certification, such as:

  1. High demand: There are over 67,000 jobs available for blockchain professionals on LinkedIn alone, explaining the vast need in the market. Multinational companies from all sectors are looking for blockchain professionals. The average salary of blockchain developers in the US is between $150,000 to $175,000. This is one of the biggest reasons to pursue a blockchain certification.
  2. Career options: After completing blockchain certification, there are various job profiles to choose from in the blockchain field. Some of the career options are Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Solution Architect, Blockchain Project Manager, Blockchain UX Designer, Blockchain Legal Consultant, and more.
  3. Various sectors: Organizations from all sectors are adopting blockchain technology to take advantage of its benefits. Blockchain technology has multiple industry applications, and blockchain professional can choose their desired sector to work in, be it banking and finance, cybersecurity, healthcare, government, education, etc.
  4. Practical knowledge: Blockchain certifications equip you with hands-on practice to solve problems and build smart contracts and cryptocurrencies, among others. This practical knowledge will ensure you are job-ready and solve industry-based problems when implementing blockchain technology for organizations.
  5. Integration with IoT: Blockchain technology, when combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), makes machine-to-machine transactions secure and more effortless. With a blockchain certification, a professional can build such infrastructure and enterprises can expect high-caliber professionals.

A blockchain certification is likely to become the base building block of your blockchain career, and you can expect great job opportunities and salaries after completing it. EC-Council offers its own blockchain certification course, which provides an in-depth understanding of blockchain fundamentals and advanced applications with implementation strategies. The certification covers a wide range of topics, such as Blockchain Mining, Open Source Blockchain Frameworks, AI and Blockchain, Ethereum, IoT and Blockchain, etc.

CBP has a significant market value and will prove to be a boon for your career. If you are an organization looking to upskill your employees’ knowledge of blockchain technology, it will enable them to build applications and use the technology to enhance your business.

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