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Indian Navy’s Information Security Manager, Sandeep Sharma, Talks About the ECSA

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Read what Sandeep Sharma had to say on LinkedIn:

Attempting to become a penetration tester without understanding and living by the right penetration testing methodologies is much like attempting to cut an apple with the back of a spoon! There might be a number of knives out there in the market but in my opinion, the sharpest knife would be the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst!

The pentesting methodologies that were explained while training to gain this credential were extremely thorough, leaving no stone unturned. It covered all types of pentesting methodologies, right from network penetration testing to wireless penetration testing. The best part was learning how to write a thorough pentesting report and gaining a hands-on experience through the iLabs (EC-Council’s Virtual Labs).

I highly recommend this course to everyone who truly wishes to achieve success in the VAPT field!

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