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Hussein Majed, Customer service manager at Terranet, Talks about the C|EH

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I work at one of the largest Internet service providers in Lebanon. The firm faced many cyber attacks in recent times. After which, I decided to get specialized in cybersecurity. For which, the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) gave me the right opportunity to think like a hacker in order to defend the security perimeter. I wanted to enhance my skills and learn the proper methodologies for ethical hacking, and I got all of it from the C|EH. Well, it was my intensive search for a suitable ethical hacking program which led me to C|EH.

The C|EH program comprehensively covers InfoSec and ethical hacking with a perfect mix of theory and practical. I found its training content enriched with relevant knowledge. All its topics addressed multiple types of cyber attacks and the tools used in them; all of them were explained professionally. EC-Council follows an interesting practical learning approach with the provision of hands-on labs. For me, cybersecurity is a culture. It’s not just hacking and vulnerability assessment; it’s a career with an aim to protect businesses and individuals. It offers a safe and secure environment for all internet users. And, only a program like C|EH can help you learn all of that.


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