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How to Start in Networking with CCNA and Move Beyond with CND

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If you had to talk about the cyber industry a few years ago, becoming a network administrator was the hottest way to step into the industry. However, with the rise of cyber threats all over the world, this role description is slowly changing into something bigger. Today, network defense is taking the front seat, with current CCNA certification holders upskilling and transitioning into a role that is more relevant in today’s world.

In this article, we will breakdown everything you need to know about the Cisco CCNA certification, what CCNA security is, how you can train, and what your next step should be to further upskill and advance as a network defender.

What Is CCNA Certification?

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a group of technical network accreditation suitable for network professionals. With the CCNA certification, the professional has the ability to troubleshoot, set up, install and function on medium-range routing and switching for computer networks. It also helps professionals to verify and implement connections to a WAN (Wide Area Network).

Pre-Requisites and Examination Format

There are no pre-requisites before you can write the CCNA certification exam. The duration for a core CCNA certification exam is 90 minutes. Some of the topics that will be covered in a CCNA exam are

  • Wide Area Network and Land Area Network design
  • OSI models
  • Routers/routing protocols
  • VLAN and WLAN
  • IP addressing
  • Network Security and Management

Eligibility Criteria

Before you can receive the CCNA certificate, you must pass the following exams

  • ICND1 Exam (100-101) and the ICND2 (200-101)
  • Combined CCNA exam (200-120)

Gain Networking Fundamentals with CCNA course

As a CCNA certificate professionals, you can apply for jobs such as Network Engineer or Network Administration. Some of the benefits of CCNA certification are stated below.

  • In the information technology niche, a certified CCNA professional is usually held in high regard even by the IT firm.
  • It helps to certify the professional’s technical skills.
  • There are more prospects of a steady job in renowned IT firms for a CCNA
  • There is an excellent salary package for CCNA course professionals
  • It helps to validate the capability of the professional to work independently in medium and small-sized organizations with less comprehensive networks.
  • It helps to make a professional a well-rounded engineer in networking
  • Professionals that want to get an expert or professional level in Cisco Career Certification program must be CCNA certified first.

How to Train for the CCNA Certification

EC-Council CodeRed has a vast array of programs that you can choose from to help you prep for the CCNA exam. Attaining these skills is vital to the exam and important to smoothly transition into the role of a network defender.

CCNA – Understanding Routers and Switches

This CCNA course is designed for network analysts, network administrators, and network engineers. This course by EC-Council CodeRed is among the best CCNA trainings out there as it covers topics like switching basics, introduction to VLSM (variable length subnet masking), intermediate routing, route flapping, scaling IP addresses, VLAN configuration, etc.

You will also be introduced to the architecture, components, structure, models, and functions of the internet and computer networks. Furthermore, to help lay a great foundation for the curriculum, you will learn the principles of IP addressing and fundamentals of Ethernet concepts, operations, and media. By the end of the course, you will have a basic understanding of the functions of routers and switches.

Visit our course page today to learn more: CCNA – Understanding Routers and Switches

CCNA Certification Preparation

This Cisco CCNA course is designed for anyone interested in IT Networking. However, it would be great if you have a general understanding of IT Networking. With this course, you will be prepared for the CCNA certification. This is because you will get in-depth information about the functionality of networking tools that will be followed up with comprehensive lab experience.

Some of the CCNA course details include ranges from the OSI model, trunking, routing, and switching. The topics will then be followed with a lab-based example and the way they function in the network environment.

Visit our course page today to learn more: CCNA certification preparation

Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions: CCNA 200-301

This is a video course that is designed for both beginners and seasoned professionals. This course is designed to help you advance from a beginner to an advanced level using a student-centric approach while covering the CCNA 200-301 exam objectives.

The goal of this CCNA course is to establish the core knowledge of Security, Networking, and Automation required by professionals in the field. By the end of the course, you will understand how to use Cisco technologies for creating a resilient and scalable enterprise network for the organization. You will also have an in-depth knowledge of network architectures.

Visit our course page today to learn more: Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions: CCNA 200-301

Your Next Step After CCNA – Certified Network Defender

Most IT administrators tend to attain the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) or Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE) certifications. While these two certifications hold a certain appeal by various IT experts, there are certain limitations that both possess. Attaining a vendor-neutral certification will cover many of these limitations.

EC-Council’s Certified Network Defender (CND) offers many advantages over other systems administrator certifications. It allows you to acquire a broad range of hands-on experience and gain knowledge of fundamental technologies. You’ll also develop your understanding of network security operations and technologies. Visit the program page today to learn more.


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