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How to Make IT Admins Understand Cyber Defense Better

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The role of Network and IT admins in 2021 is more than troubleshooting and data monitoring. The flow of data is more abundant than ever, especially now that more businesses are adopting technologies like IoT and blockchain. New, emerging problems mean that a network administrator will have to think beyond their regular expertise and add more tools to their arsenal. One of these problems is the threat from hackers. A malicious actor can breach a weak point in the network and spread across multiple devices.

Network administrators are already experts with components like network topology, protocols, traffic, data flow, IP addresses, etc.

With network security training, they’ll build upon their expertise to counter cyberattacks. The Certified Network Defender (CND v2) by EC-Council is a network security training and credentialing program designed to help network administrators learn about network defense. The certification program will help you grow as a network security administrator by protecting, defending, responding, and predicting threats on the network.

Network Security Officer Skills

Top Reasons to Become a Certified Network Defender

New and Emerging Job Opportunities

“The Global Network Security Market is predicted to grow at a substantial CAGR of 4.74% during the period 2017-2022.”

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This shift in market will increase the demand for network security officers worldwide. With technological advances like IoT and mobile devices, as well as changes in work culture and shift to BYOD and remote working, the importance of network security administrators is going to rise exponentially. As a network administrator, it is your chance to learn network security and progress in your career. Network security engineers are now an integral part of top businesses around the world, and it makes sense to start considering it as a possible career move.

Here is why you should consider network defense certification:

Recommended Learning Path Post CCNA and MCSE Certifications

Network/IT Admins choose CCNA and MCSE certifications to learn about the different nuances of managing the network. But now, troubleshooting network issues and monitoring data flow is not enough to counter emerging cyber threats. Businesses expect their network admins to know about network security. Network defense certification will elevate your skills as a network administrator. You’ll find new job prospects as network security officers and will get to enjoy better salary and other job benefits.

Thorough Understanding of Defensive Areas

CND v2 focuses on a Protect, Detect, Respond, and Predict approach to counter threats on the network. The program is also lab intensive, which gives you the experience of countering an attack in real time. If you have prior experience of managing data flow and recognizing suspicious behavior, then CND v2 will train you to prevent these issues beforehand.

Critical Features of CND v2 That Makes It Ideal for Network Administrators

  • CND v2 is a hands-on and instructor-led program. The course framework offers a thorough understanding on countering a suspicious activity in the network.
  • 50% of the program is lab intensive, which offers real-world experience of attacks and ways to counter it.
  • It is mapped to the NICE 2.0 framework and to various jobs and responsibilities, including the Department of Defense, for the position of system/network administrator.
  • CND v2 is vendor neutral, which allows you to work on different tools without any specific brand-based restrictions.

Do you wish to grow in your career and become a Certified Network Defender? Hop on board and enrich your career with CND v2 today!


How do I become a network security administrator?
You will have to complete a network security certification course like CND v2 to start your career as a network security administrator. While selecting the course, you should make sure that it covers the most relevant areas as well as the latest case studies important to understand the topics that are a part of a network security certification program.
Is it worth pursuing a career in network security?
The last few years have seen an increasing number of network attacks. More and more companies need network security professionals who are trained to thwart these issues. The demand for network security officers has increased due to this reason. There are more than 88,000 vacancies for network security officers on
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