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How to Learn Network Defense During Your IT Admin Job

Technological upgrades are a norm in the IT sector. New technologies arrive, various updates are released, and the old approach is replaced with new ones. Due to the IT sector’s ever-changing nature, some jobs have become redundant, and employees must learn further and transition into new roles. Today, job profiles have become more niche for specific profiles. An IT admin job also demands an understanding of network security, which will prove beneficial for professionals planning to transition.

Network administrators should go beyond the basics to become full-fledged network defense professionals. The job profile comes with some attractive perks, including a higher salary and job security. Despite all this, there is not much information out there about progressing further from your IT admin job. This blog will provide you with all the information you need to get started.

Career Opportunities for a Certified Network Defender

We are dependent on the internet for the most basic of tasks. Mobile, IoT, and cloud storage are not just specialized technological pieces anymore. As we have entered a new era of the information age, network breaches have also become worrying. This concern has emerged as an opportunity for network and IT admins to learn network security and enjoy a career with much better prospects.

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On-The-Job Skill Development for Network Admins

Network administration is one of the vital functions of an IT team. Whether you’re looking for a specialty in this industry or you are a seasoned professional hoping for a career transition, network administration is a job worth considering. Many professionals worry that they will end up mismanaging their work-life balance once they start learning. But there is no need to interrupt your busy schedule or leave your job for a new certification. Here are some quick tips to learn network defense basics and beyond.

Find Free Resources Online

You should always learn more and stay updated with new information. It doesn’t matter if you are an IT admin or just a professional in the IT industry. There are many free resources that are regularly updated by cybersecurity experts. Here are some you should go with:

Webinars: Webinars have become a popular point of conversation since the pandemic and lockdown. These online conferences cover a variety of topics for cybersecurity aspirants. IT Admins can check out network security-related webinars. You can start with the ones mentioned below for instance:

Benefits of a Vendor-Neutral Network Security Certification

Importance of IoT Network Security and Challenges Ahead

Blogs: Blog sections are common among the top IT and cybersecurity websites. These resources are created to help employees as well as anyone looking for important information. Cybersecurity experts like EC-Council cover various topics in their blog section to disseminate knowledge about new developments in this sector.

Whitepapers: Written by cybersecurity experts, whitepapers provide a thorough knowledge of specialized topics. It is ideal for any professional who is planning to appear for a network security certification test.

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Videos: Visual content has risen as one of the most popular mediums of content consumption. Network security-related videos help working professionals who need flexible environments to understand different nuances of various complex subjects. You can subscribe to various YouTube channels run by cybersecurity experts and clarify your doubts in their comments section. You can also sign up for EC-Council’s CodeRed, an amazing resource with many free and paid learning materials in this format.

Learn Further with Online Certification Programs

You can upgrade your network defense skills through certification programs. After acquiring the Certified Network Defender (CND) certification and experience, you can branch into niche job profiles like SOC Analyst or Digital Forensics Investigator.

Network Security Fundamentals and Certified Network Defender (CND v2) together serve as comprehensive network security certifications that will act as your tickets to better prospects. CND v2 certified professionals are preferred by Fortune 500 companies along with many prestigious organizations around the world.

Take Free Assessment Tests to Test Your Expertise in Network Defense

Free assessment tests are the best way to understand if you are ready to move on from your IT admin job and start a new career. There are free assessment tests available online that will help you figure this out. After completing the test, you can choose to learn further or simply appear in the certification exam.

Click here to start your network security assessment test.

Move Past Network and IT Admin Roles with CND v2

Most executive-level cybersecurity jobs are incredibly specialized. What this means for you is that the more you can hone your proficiencies by pursuing specific certifications and training, the more desirable you’ll seem to corporations searching for the skill sets you have.

In addition, you can expect a salary increase with the added network security training and certifications. According to Indeed, a network security engineer earns $109,208 per annum.

Network security jobs in the U.S.

Certified Network Defender v2 teaches the latest case studies and technological aspects relevant for network security professionals. The module is based on common job role frameworks recognized by top organizations globally. CND v2 is perfect to start your career as a Network Security Officer and climb the ladders of success.

Is network security a high paying job?
The demand for network security officers is high and there is a visible gap between the number of skilled professionals vs the number of vacancies available. A reputed company will offer attractive salaries to these individuals because of its urgent requirement. Today, Network Security Officers can earn around $109,208 and can be hired by top companies worldwide.
How can I transition from IT Admin jobs?
An IT Admin has the freedom to transition into a Network Security Officer’s job profile because they have the ability to retain most of their skills during their previous certification courses. There are other options after network security that one can consider with a few years of experience in this role.
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