How to Encrypt and Decrypt Your Data

How to Encrypt and Decrypt Your Data

Author: Dr. Lopa Mudraa Basuu (Executive Director Cyber Risk & Information Security Sysinnova Infotech)

The ability to share information between people across the globe is logically possible only through a compatible channel known as the network, which is both – an important mode of information transfer throughout the web and also the prime source for its leak. Though continuously protected, the ceaseless advancements in technologies give threat actors room to grow and develop their tools and methodologies. Encryption is a subset of network defense, wherein the data itself is encrypted or locked while it is being transferred through the channel, such that only the people having the corresponding key can open or decrypt to read the information. The current manuscript discusses the role of Advanced Encryption Standard in encrypting data in detail, along with its expression using a well-known programming language named Python. The manuscript, along with the application of AES, thoroughly discusses its workings through a description of the different modes of coding expressions in application programming interfaces. The article also describes the benefits of encryption in privacy and risk mitigation and tries to reflect the amount of knowledge and resources that go into encrypting the most basic but essential information required in our day to day lives.

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