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How L|PT (Master) Helped Me Gain an Edge in My Career? By Vamsee Krishna, Information Security and Compliance Officer – APAC at Bambora

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My association with EC-Council dates back to 2007 when I first signed up for the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH). The program left me with an outstanding learning experience. It had everything – the brilliantly designed up-to-date course, provision of extensive training content and courseware, training under an amazing expert with great interactive and explanatory qualities, real-time labs to get ready for the real-world cyber threats, its professional credibility.

After earning the C|EH credential, I went ahead with other EC-Council programs, namely: Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (C|HFI), EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), and Licensed Penetration Tester (L|PT) Master. Well, I’m not here to brag about EC-Council but to give an insight into why the L|PT (Master) should be on your CV.

So, attending EC-Council’s Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) program was absolutely my unquestionable choice. The time when I decided to take up this well-acclaimed program, there were very few security oriented credible programs available in the market covering “Penetration Testing”. So, opting for the credential from the most-trusted cybersecurity credentialing body was my only option.

How L|PT (Master) Helped Me in My Fast-Growing Career?

In this section, I’ll be sharing five concrete reasons on how L|PT (Master) shaped my information security career.

1. Immense Knowledge of Penetration Testing

My primary reason to opt for the L|PT (Master) was to gain immense knowledge of penetration testing. I went through the curriculum of several other programs available at that time, but none was what I was looking for except L|PT (Master). I wanted a comprehensive coverage of all the subject matters involved in penetration testing and, L|PT (Master) was the only one providing what was trending in the job market.

Being part of the information security community, I know how important it is to have what employers are looking for.

2. Distinct Recognition

Such a vast knowledge of penetration testing and having the required expertise in the domain gave me distinct recognition among my peers. I already had a complete understanding of how cybercriminals penetrate through defenses. Having a clear understanding of different approaches of a cyber attacker helped me eliminate those kinds of vulnerabilities and strengthen the security system of an organization.

3. Hands-on Experience

I knew, my theoretical knowledge would be of no use if I don’t apply it in a real-world scenario. For that, EC-Council has designed real-time virtual labs to gain hands-on experience of everything I learned. In other words, the practice sessions helped me transform my obtained theoretical concepts, methodologies, and techniques into useful technical skills.

4. Advanced Techniques

It is mandatory for any IT and Information Security professional to upgrade his/her knowledge with advanced and upcoming technologies, to have an edge. I’ve been following EC-Council for a long time and I can definitely vouch for its inclusion of all the latest, modern-age, and advanced penetration testing methodologies and techniques.

5. Its Own Credibility

The L|PT (Master) has its own professional credibility which makes it desirable even in a large crowd of pen testers. EC-Council is a trusted brand in itself and the L|PT (Master) credential proves to be ahead of others in the domain, be it in terms of knowledge, skills, or hands-on experience. What makes it even better is that, despite the fact that the exam is online, it is remotely-proctored to ensure credibility!

All these reasons subsequently paved the way for my promotion. The L|PT (Master) credential has given me unique recognition in the industry and helped me take-off in my career and, that is why I am proud to be associated with EC-Council! #IamECCouncil

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