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Hasibullah Munib, IT Supervisor at Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc., Talks about the C|EH Program

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As cybersecurity is an in-demand industry, I decided to go ahead with it. Growing cyber-attacks, demand for safe and secure data, and other concerns mean that companies need professionals to keep their information safe. I was able to become an ‘IT Supervisor’ only because I have spent most of my time mastering the world of networking and programming. Even my learnings with EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) played a great role! Well, before starting with cybersecurity, I did a lot of research, for its best career path. I found that C|EH is one of the most well-known training and credentialing programs in the industry. I opted for it, and it turned out to be useful. To gain more practical experience for the same, I also registered for C|EH (Practical).

The best security professionals have well-rounded experience in tech work. Sean Tierney, head of the cyber intelligence team at Infoblox, says, “The thing that will make you good at security is that you are great at something else first. For example, become a master of the fundamentals of data networks, be an expert at administering multiple operating systems or be proficient at multiple scripting languages (Python, Bash, etc.).

EC-Council offers some of the best-known ethical hacking and penetration testing programs. I would suggest interested candidates start with EC-Council’s popular C|EH and Licensed Penetration Tester (L|PT) Master credentials, and also check their other information security programs and career paths.

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