Licensed Penetration Tester

Harshal Arora, Law Student & Cyber Law Evangelist, Talks about the L|PT Master Program

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Read what Harshal Arora had to say on LinkedIn:

My interest in computer science and my father’s legal practice in cybercrime made cybersecurity a tempting career opportunity. For the same reasons, I chose the Licensed Penetration Tester (L|PT) Master program because I feel that the best thing is the pressure that this exam put on you. They make you study and practice numerous penetration testing concepts and skills. Under this program, I get along with several mainstream tools like Wireshark, Nmap, which are used frequently. I am also a certified Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (C|HFI) by EC-Council, where I got familiar with extensively used X-Ways Forensics, FTK Imager, and UFED.


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