EC-Council Certified Incident Handler

Hamad Alyahya, ICT Security Management Analyst at the Saudi Telecom Company, on Becoming an E|CIH

Read what Hamad Alyahya had to say on LinkedIn:

It has been an extensive and overwhelming first quarter of 2019, but I hardly believe that “hard work will always pays off at the end”

I am grateful to announce that today I received my 3rd EC-Council certificate.

I am now a certified CEHv10, CND, & ECIH 🙏🏻

People around me have been part of this journey, and I am obligated to thank them.

Thanks to my team (each individual) in the IT Security. Thanks to my manager and friend Sami Baminif.

Thanks to our leader and director Mazen ALAhmadi

Thanks to my older brother Eng. Bandar Munshi and younger brother Hamzah Jan for the unlimited support, guidance, help, etc.

Thanks to my instructors: Abhijit Tripathy, Vinod Babu B, Sunder Singh Khari

Thanks Fahad Aljutaily for the great program and team #CyberCraft

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