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Gustavo Adolfo Arellano Sandoval, CIO at Metasoft, Talks About EC-Council’s Credentialing and Training Programs

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Read what Gustavo Adolfo Arellano Sandoval had to say on LinkedIn:

Over the past twenty years of my life, I have been working in different verticals of software engineering, gaining a great amount of experience, knowledge, and skills. But, the constant developments in the cyber industry, have made me question whether I really know everything about cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and my own domain, software engineering. As a strong believer in continuous learning, I decided to hone my skills and strengthen my knowledge of the cybersecurity domain. I went to EC-Council and decided to train to become a Secure Programmer, a Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), and a Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator (C|HFI), which turned into a great experience! The study material was perfect and I loved honing my skills in the practical exercises. After having such a wonderful time learning and gaining experiences as a secure programmer, ethical hacker, and computer hacking forensic investigator, I recommend EC-Council to all my fellow security professionals and colleagues so that they can attain an added advantage in their professional career.

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