Guidebook By CISOs During COVID-19

Guidebook By CISOs During COVID-19

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Author: Abbas Kudrati, Chief Cybersecurity Advisor, Microsoft Asia

COVID-19 has forced businesses to adopt the changes in the working environment, which in turn have posed the organization to increasing cyber risks. Most organizations, where employees are working from home, have created the opportunity for attackers to take advantage of the situation and execute the attacks accordingly. CISO, who leads the security part in the organizations, faces a lot of challenges to combat the cybers threats and ensure sound security.

“COVID-19 has compelled businesses to adopt new ways of working to meet new patterns of demand. To fit the business, cybercriminals have adopted new tactics to exploit the freshly made changes. Can your cyber controls meet the challenge?”

Here are some common challenges CISOs are facing after the COVID-19 outbreak and as security leaders what preventive measures they should take to overcome the cyber risks.

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