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Grandhi Naga Srikanth, from Spyry Technologies, Talks About Skills Attained from EC-Council C|EH

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Attaining the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) credential from EC-Council has given me the skills required to protect and prevent hackers from compromising systems in various organizations, thereby, protecting both organizations and individuals from losing personal data. The training program is so perfectly outlined that I was able to get through the entire courseware without any disruption.

Through the C|EH training program, I learned the different techniques that hackers use to crack open super secured networks, operating systems, mobile phones, and others. I also gained hands-on experience in compromising security systems and networks, using methods that hackers use. But, I also figured out the solution to prevent such vulnerabilities from being exposed.

The best thing about the whole training and credentialing package was the fact that this certification is recognized all around the world!

I look forward to training under EC-Council again in the future!

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