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Giovanny Caude Talks About the Certified Ethical Hacker Training Program

Read what Giovanny had to say on LinkedIn:

I had a rich experience while training to become a Certified Ethical Hacker! I’ve learned and experienced a lot with the training material which was quite descriptive.

I took up the C|EH training and credentialing program because it was the logical end to the course I was undertaking at my school. The C|EH training program provides the necessary knowledge to develop and implement a security plan for the protection of vital resources of a company, against internal and external aggression of any kind: intrusion, destruction, spying or theft.

That’s why, I recommend C|EH for people interested in Cybersecurity who want to understand, prevent, and protect people but also their own companies against threats that could impact their security, their privacy, and their data to take up this program.

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