Getting Certified – What Drives You?

Getting Certified – What Drives You?

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Programs leading to certification have become significant, and learners of all ages are seeking specialized training to achieve certification. But what drives you to get certified? Is it the ide of advancing in your career, a new career opportunity, or learning about the latest in the industry?

Certifications are a great way to achieve professional goals and advance through continuous learning. They ensure that you are competent and employers across the world encourage professionals who are proactive in seeking skills and expertise to obtain them.

Pearson Vue Authorised Test Center (PVTC) conducted a survey ‘2018 Value of IT Certification’ where certificate holders were consulted only after receiving consent from the certification sponsor. The survey received more than 10,000 responses from 32 different certification programs, spread over 138 countries.

Based on the study, here is the list of driving forces that motivate professionals to obtain certification.

Driving force to earn a certification?

76% of the respondents stated that professional ambition was the initial catalyst 24% of the respondents stated that an academic program or enrolled course was the initial catalyst

Personal reasons to become certified

33% 33% 23% 18% 15% 13% 8% 5%
Improve professional profile or standing Increase knowledge of a specific technical area More probability of getting a salary/ wage increase Increase the chances of finding employment within the chosen field Increase chances of getting promoted in the current job Gain entrance into a chosen field To recertify Just wanted the challenge
74% indicated that they ‘completely’ or ‘mostly’ accomplished their personal objectives for becoming certified.

Would you recommend certification to a friend or colleague

Definitely yes 63.2%
Probably yes 27.4%
Not sure either way 6.7%
Probably no 1.7%
Definitely no 1.0%
90% would recommend certification

Why did they pursue certification?

75% of respondents reported that they sought certification on their own (self-driven)
25% were certified as a part of their academic program or job-driven
Among 75% who are self-driven (from above) the reason for getting certified 33% cited improving their professional profile
33% cited increasing their technical knowledge
74% of respondent who cited ‘any’ reason for certification indicated that they ‘completely’ or ‘mostly’ reported three benefits from their certification –

Extrinsic (tangible)

Intrinsic (personal)

Practical (on-the-job)

*Intrinsic and practical reasons said more frequently

The majority of respondents indicated the myriad benefits that they obtained by being certified, which exceed the benefits by going through the training without certification.

How to be certified in cybersecurity?

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