Certified Application Security Engineer

Gaurav Roy, Tech Developer and Writer at Synopsys Inc, Talks about the Certified Application Security Engineer Program

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Cybersecurity has always been a significant industry, and I love founding bugs and other new hacking tricks and techniques that caused inclination for it. So, I decided to start with Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) followed by other EC-Council programs – Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) L|PT, EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (C|HFI), Certified Application Security Engineer (C|ASE). Each of these programs helped me grow not only in the domain of cybersecurity but also in developing cybersecurity tutorials. Also, as a cybersecurity researcher, I got to know the basics and intermediate level knowledge of cybersecurity. Now, I’m capable of creating my attack vectors and penetration techniques, tools, and methodologies to get to a system. I went for EC-Council programs because of the industry demands for them, and they carry professional weight and value. Also, the curriculum and ToC were effective for the growth (both from an industry perspective as well as a research-oriented perspective). All its training programs left me with an awesome experience! Even the provided tools and study materials were precise and knowledge-rich. Under its impressive labs, I got introduced to numerous tools – Wireshark, BurpSuite, Social Engineering, Phishing, Nessus, Oledbg, Malware Programming, PenTesting techniques, SQLi, and many others.

Cybersecurity is the only part of Computer Science that will prevail forever, whether it is related to AI, data science, drone technology, Blockchain, or entrepreneurship. Even the expected future of ML, DL, Cloud Computing, as well as Quantum Computing, will require cybersecurity as its integral branch. I’m into the research domain and planning to pursue a Ph.D. in cybersecurity. So, the scope and growth of this domain are endless.

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