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Forrest Berrey, IT Security Engineer at Coupa Software, Talks About Becoming a C|EH

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Read what Forrest Berrey had to say on LinkedIn:

I have recently completed my certification in EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH). The courseware and training material was excellent, from both a study and a lightweight field manual perspective. It really provided a good sense of directional thinking patterns about attack analysis, open framework pieces of hacking, scanning, and recon phase steps.

The best part of the training for me was the focus on penetration testing, techniques, and tools used to understand how to blend machine vulnerabilities with human design to understand the decision vectors.

Although I’ve been using open source material to study and my job uses skills covered in the C|EH scope, I felt a boot camp style training was the best way to tie things together and really nail down the areas I had a hard time learning on my own.

I would highly recommend both the course I took and EC-Council training materials as you are given the material needed to start legitimate testing in a professional environment, not just the answers to the exam for certification.

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