Certified Ethical Hacker

Filip Lang, Head Manager of Implementation and Operation ICT at NWT a.s, Talks about the C|EH Program

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Since my childhood, the term ‘hacking’ used to excite me the most. After I entered high school and later in college, I got to know more about it. I started learning about cybersecurity and practicing tools/scripts of ethical hacking. It was exciting to discover new vulnerabilities and find security weaknesses. During these days, I tried to learn everything about phreaking, social engineering, and other practices. As the global recognition of Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) is well known to everyone, I opted for it without any second thoughts. And so, after I started exploring and learning about cybersecurity, attaining C|EH became a milestone for me. It is the most desired information security training and credentialing program. And was a confirmation of my knowledge and hands-on experience. The study material provided by EC-Council was terrific! Moreover, the way in which the instructor explained all the topics in such a short time is commendable. He patiently explained every bit of each module and showed us the practical implementation of them. I am thankful to the instructor for guiding me in the right direction and providing me the best possible mentorship. C|EH came with many tools, which I practiced in real-time virtual labs (iLabs). It was an outstanding experience to try them! Since completing this training, I have been mostly using Kali Linux and tools like Burp Suite and Nmap for my daily pen-testing routine. Anyone new to the cybersecurity industry should start from the basic knowledge – get a good understanding of how the internet works, the TCP/IP protocols, the OSI layer, and you are good to roll with C|EH!

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