Fighting Crime in the Dark: Challenges Faced by Digital Forensics Professionals

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Author: Maria Elizabeth de Guzman, Cybersecurity Director, EY

This paper discusses some of the major challenges faced by the digital forensics field. Most of the challenges covered follow a scientific understanding of the limitations, needs, and scope of cybersecurity practices implemented in various domains. Digital forensics is a vast discipline that encompasses tracking down cybercriminals by reconstructing evidence related to their theft and attacks. The majority of the industry’s challenges came from the absence of institutional guidelines laid by courts of law. Big Data Analytics is revolutionizing digital forensics, and investigators rely on advanced search techniques combined with intelligence analysis. These ideas are covered briefly in this white paper by shedding light on how law enforcement, manufacturers, and private investigative intelligence communities work together to overcome these challenges. Readers can understand how better to implement digital forensics techniques in their daily life to stay protected. Developers are working on designing tools and automation software to help investigators with their work which are also briefly discussed.

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