CISO Testimonials

Fernando Ramírez Orozco, SID Security Manager, Cable & Wireless Communications – Columbus Business Solutions Speaks About the C|CISO Program

I am a security specialist with several certifications in security, as well as, technical and administrative certifications, such as CCSP, CCNP Sec, ISO27001, and ISMS, among others. However, the C|CISO certification compiles and empowers all those capabilities in a single executive package of knowledge, which is very useful and necessary in today’s corporations.

The training program contains excellent content, with detailed explanations on the five domains. In fact, there are certain parts of the content that address issues that are very often overlooked in the security domain, but in reality, require a lot of undivided attention.

I recommend this program to other information security professionals for the elaborate C|CISO “Body of Knowledge” and the chance that you receive to interact with other professionals.

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