Certified Network Defender

Farid Khan, System Administrator at J Raja & Company, Talks about the C|ND Program

Certified Network Defender

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My interest in computers led me to cybersecurity, one of the most trending and rewarding career paths. To become a System Administrator, I needed hands-on experience in computer networks and security. For which, I enrolled in EC-Council’s Certified Network Defender (C|ND). With C|ND, I was able to enhance my network security knowledge and expertise as a System Admin. This program is all about computer networks. Its main purpose was to safeguard networks by applying the required security standards and procedures. In short, it can summarize how to protect, detect, and secure computer networks. This pr ogram’s courseware was comprehensive and covered everything that network defenders need to know to perform their jobs. Also, the tools that I learned with this EC-Council training are the ones that I frequently use to – check systems for available patches/updates, physically access the hardware of the network, and explore the system vulnerabilities.

Professionals belonging to the network security domain will adore C|ND program. It is enriched with all possible information to secure computer networks.

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