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Faisal Yahya, Head of IT – Cybersecurity and Insurance Enterprise Architect, IBS Group Speaks About the C|CISO Program

It was about 20 years ago that I first began working in the information security industry. Now as CIO, CISO, a keynote speaker (experienced in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia), a writer for the offline magazine and online publication; I can assure you, that every day is still a significant learning experience for me. In the overall, CISO must comprehend the overarching business vision and strategy, and then take all steps necessary to oversee to ensure that information assets and technologies adequately protected. Becoming a Certified Chief Information Security Officer was the precise certification that I was looking.

The EC-Council C|CISO certifications emphasize critical aspect for CISOs must comprehend, and it translated into the five domains. It concentrated on technical knowledge, as well as information-security management principles, from a managerial point of view, giving a fantastic overview of what a CISO role involves.

I am quite confident that with the extensive knowledge gained in the C|CISO program, that I will be able to perform my roles better than before, with much more confidence. And every day was also a tremendous opportunity for me to network with various other tenured cybersecurity professionals, gaining their insight on multiple topics, thereby, extending my horizons.

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