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5 Reasons organizations need Ethical Hackers

Over the past few decades, law enforcement agencies are hiring undercover agents to solve their toughest cases. A similar concept is now applicable in the information security world. They confide in ethical hackers. The idea of hiring an ethical hacker is contradictory to many who rarely understand the skills of ethical hackers. These certified professionals use hacking methodologies to identify security vulnerabilities and fixing them.

The demand for information security and ethical hackers is rising because of increasing cyber threats. Soon after the terrorist attack on the U.S. Pentagon, EC-Council introduced the concept of ethical hacking. EC-Council defines a certified hacker as someone who hacks into the information systems in an ethical way. They work with a guided intention of protecting organizations from black hat hackers. The evolving technology has brought a constant threat of cyber breach to the organizations. Hence, the need for ethical hackers! If you are in a notion that your business is safe and you don’t need an ethical hacker, then read on while we prove you wrong!

Organizations are under constant cyberattacks

Sectors such as banks, healthcare, government agencies, etc., are susceptible to cyberattacks. Few facts that clarify the existence of vulnerabilities in the information process are –

To reduce the risk of getting attacked, an ethical hacker can guide security standards. They help improve the security systems in organizations.

Stand offensive against cyberattacks

An ethical hacker intrudes servers, web applications, systems, end devices, etc., to provide a defense layer against cyberattacks. With a defensive layer on your network enable constant monitoring of malicious activities. They also look after anti-virus and anti-malware software updates, installing firewalls, finding vulnerabilities, and other tasks of security significance. In simple words, ethical hackers find vulnerabilities before hackers do. They help organizations in strengthening defenses before compromising data. Additionally, having the C|EH Master credential will ensure assurance methods are appropriate.

Transition to cloud technology seek increased security

While businesses are embracing cloud, the transition to virtualization has increased the level of threats, demanding ethical hacker services. The advent of the cloud has led to increasing awareness of security. Businesses are facing major challenges due to advanced technologies and complex security requirements. The defensive tactics are evolving every day, and only an ethical hacker can help overcome the challenge.

Limit your risk of liability

Ethical hackers reduce the risk of breaches and also reduces the risk liability that may arise from a breach. When hiring a certified professional, organizations confirm their commitment to security. Having a Certified Ethical Hacker on-board will build trust between you and your clients.

Reduce loss in the event of a breach

A few ways that an ethical hacker can save your organization by reducing losses in case of a breach are –

  • An ethical hacker can locate the vulnerability faster to prevent the ongoing attack.
  • An ethical hacker can help you with employee fidelity bond or suggest insurance that can reimburse your organizational losses as a result of their activities.

It is not easy for an organization to stay updated with the latest security trends. By employing Certified Ethical Hackers, you can rest assured that the organization is practicing the latest techniques and methodologies. Certified hackers are aware of malicious hacker’s techniques. Hence, they use the same methods to reach and defend the vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Though it is easy to find a black hat who wants to work for your organization, having an ethical hacker assures a code of ethics. Earlier the idea of hiring an ethical hacker was considered absurd, but now it is pragmatic as a security practice. Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) is a credential that many organizations prefer hiring. It is the most demanding ethical hacking certification that trains an individual on off-beaten hacking methodologies.

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